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The territory of the Spartans. Wonderful landscapes, wild beauty, fertile land miniature insight of the whole country in one area.

A beautiful and interesting excursion that will be unforgettable.

Places you will visit

  • Mani
    The Messinian Mani is very beautiful but here in Laconian Mani is where we meet the epitome of wild beauty. Everything around is built of stone, as are the well-preserved towers of Mani. The mountain rushes out to suddenly merge with the sea, creating an awesome landscape.
  • Gythio
    The most important and picturesque port in the area.
  • Diros Caves
    Glyfada ,or Vlychada, Cave is one of the most spectacular caves in the world with various formations of stalagmites and stalactites ,as well as a waterway stretching into it for a considerable distance.
  • Mystras
    The Byzantine castle of Mystras dominates on a steep slope on the outskirts of Mount Taygetos. A standing ghost city which fascinates all travelers. The palatial complex of the ruling Byzantine dynasty bears witness to its byzantine greatness.
  • Elafonisos
    The double beach of Simos is perhaps one of the best beaches in the world. A narrow stretch of white sand divides in two these exotic beaches with the turquoise, crystal clear waters.
  • Monemvasia
    The rock of Monemvasia (otherwise known as Gibraltar of the east due to its similarity to the formation of the rock) is an inhabited castle connected to the mainland by a walking bridge. Its medieval beauty makes it a major attraction for many thousands of tourists.

Number of people

up to 20

Cost from Athens:

€400 / 4 persons*

Cost from Patra/Araxos:

€550 / 4 persons*


We are closely following the guidelines of the leading health experts, the World Health Organization and the Greek government. We have taken all precautionary measures, implementing the health protocols of the Hellenic Public Health Organization.

*The prices are subject to slight variations according to number of passengers and possible changes to the itinerary upon your demand.