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The ancient Greeks considered the center of the world to be in Delphi, marked by the stone monument known as omphalos (navel). The famous Oracle of Pythia with the Temple of Apollo nearby, built with the characteristic two-tone marble are a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists. In nearby Arachova the view is breathtaking.

A beautiful and interesting excursion that will be unforgettable.

Number of people

up to 20

Cost from Athens:

€250 / 4 persons*

Cost from Volos/Almiros:

€300 / 4 persons*

Cost from Patra/Araxos:

€400 / 4 persons*


We are closely following the guidelines of the leading health experts, the World Health Organization and the Greek government. We have taken all precautionary measures, implementing the health protocols of the Hellenic Public Health Organization.

*The prices are subject to slight variations according to number of passengers and possible changes to the itinerary upon your demand.